If dance is your life … make it your career. Teach dance with ACPE's unique dance teaching degree

4Y FT or PT equivalent
Study Mode:
Major studies:
Dance, Science, Movement Studies, Education, Health
Suggested secondary school subjects:
Dance, English, Personal Development, Health & Physical Education, Biology
FEE-HELP available:
Entry requirements:
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The right course for you?

If your passion is for dance and movement, and you want a professional career as a Teacher of these disciplines, ACPE’s dance teaching courses are specifically designed with you in mind.

It will nurture your love of movement while challenging your assumptions about both dance and the teaching of it. You’ll become a better dancer to become a better teacher.

The Bachelor of Dance Education prepares graduates to teach dance in the secondary school system, or apply their skills and knowledge in other educational contexts.

The dance teaching degree is unique in Australia in that it positions the study and practice of dance as an art form within the broader context of physical activity and physical expression. Students who undertake this degree build a foundation for the lifelong development of skills and attributes appropriate to professional teachers.

Students simultaneously broaden their experience in dance and in physical education, in an environment that focuses on educational pedagogy. Both areas are supported by the study of personal development, health, and the anatomy of the human body.

Combining dance, health and teaching into one degree

Personal Development, Health, and Physical Education (PD/H/PE) is offered as a parallel course of study, enabling students to qualify in a second teaching method and a key learning area in secondary schools.

The Bachelor of Dance Education is endorsed by the NSW Department of Education.

Courses offered in this dance teaching degree include

  • Dance classes
  • Performance
  • Anatomy
  • Health
  • Practical experience component 

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The Bachelor of Dance Education can be completed in four years of full-time study. A maximum of eight years is allowed for students to complete the degree part-time.

The degree program is divided into eight semesters, each of 12 weeks duration. Study involves approximately 16 contact hours a week (excluding examination and study weeks).

The course is taught via lectures, tutorials, dance classes, performance workshops, seminars, and individual tuition. Students also undertake four professional experience sessions in a range of schools.

First Year

Semester 1

  • Child and Adolescent Development
  • Foundations of Dance
  • Dance History
  • Skill Acquisition

Semester 2

  • Dance Composition 1
  • Dance Production
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Popular Dance Styles

Second Year

Semester 3

  • Classroom Skills 1
  • Classical Dance Styles
  • Understanding Health
  • Practices in Movement
  • Professional Experience 1: Orientation of Teaching

Inter-semester: Professional Experience 2 - Professional Experience in a Range of Settings

Semester 4

  • Curriculum Planning for Learning and Teaching Dance 1
  • Dance Analysis
  • Curriculum Planning for Learning and Teaching in PDHPE 1
  • Elements of Movement

Third Year

Semester 5

  • Classroom Skills 2
  • Curriculum Planning for Learning and Teaching in PDHPE 2
  • Dance and Technology
  • Contemporary Youth Health Issues

Inter-semester: Professional Experience 3 - Teacher as Manager

Semester 6

  • Social Influences and Student Diversity
  • Dance Performance
  • Curriculum Planning for Learning and Teaching in Dance 2
  • The Application of Teaching Games

Fourth Year

Semester 7

  • The Inclusive Classroom
  • Current Issues in Teaching
  • The Art of Dance Teaching
  • Building Resilience

Inter-semester: Professional Experience 4

Semester 8

  • Literacy for Learning and Teaching
  • Aboriginal Education
  • Biomechanics of Human Movement
  • Dance Composition 2

By completing the course program, graduates are qualified to pursue a professional dance teaching career.

Employment opportunities include -

  • Teach dance in the education sector – government and independent schools
  • Teach PD/H/PE in government and independent schools
  • Teach dance in private dance studios
  • Teach dance, sport, and other physical activities for community recreation bodies
  • Coordinate programs in dance, the arts, and recreation
  • Community wellness officers

Past graduate employers:

  • NSW Department of Education
  • Government and independent schools
  • Private dance studios
  • Community recreation bodies
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Tracey is studying the Bachelor of Dance Education, hear her story...

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Meet Samantha

"The Dance Degree at ACPE was unique in that it allowed me to teach PD/H/PE as my second teaching subject. Teaching both subjects has been beneficial, offering variety and rewarding experiences in my teaching practice."

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