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The College is accredited as a Higher Education Provider (HEP) by the Commonwealth Government, allowing eligible domestic ACPE students to access FEE-HELP. The financial assistance packages available to assist students are detailed below. Full fee students are NOT eligible for HECS (the Higher Education Contribution Scheme).


FEE-HELP is a loan scheme that assists eligible students to pay their tuition fees. The Australian Government pays the amount of the loan directly to the students Higher Education Provider, in this case ACPE. Students repay their loan through the Australian taxation system once their income rises above the minimum threshold for compulsory repayment. Additional information about the FEE-HELP loan scheme is available from the Government website. Specific information about FEE-HELP and its administration at ACPE is available from the Policies and Procedures section of the our website. The FEE-HELP Assistance Application Form and a hard copy of the Government's FEE-HELP information booklet can be obtained from the college.

ACPE Easy Payment Plan

This allows for each semester's fee to be paid in three easy instalments (at enrolment, week 7, and week 12). The payment plan is only available to students who pay fees directly to ACPE. Students who access FEE-HELP are not eligible for the easy payment plan.

Centrelink payments while you're studying

Local students may qualify for Centrelink support payments while studying at ACPE. Students are normally required to be Australian residents and enrolled in at least 75% of the normal full-time study load. Further information about Centrelink support payments while studying can be obtained from Centrelink or by phoning the Centrelink national telephone number for enquiries on 13 24 90.

Tuition Fee Information and List of Units

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Refund of Tuition Fee - view the ACPE Terms & Conditions

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