Bachelor of Education (Physical & Health Education)

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If you're keen to pursue a career in physical and health education, the Bachelor of Education (Physical and Health Education) will provide you with the graduate qualification to become a PDHPE teacher.

With highly qualified and experienced lecturers and professional experience you will develop the skills needed to be a confident, classroom ready teacher. Unlike other qualifications, the Bachelor or Education (PHE) from ACPE incorporates subjects in movement and health as well as curriculum and pedagogical studies, arming you with requisite skills for entering the teaching profession.

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Course snapshot

A snapshot of the Bachelor of Education (Physical & Health Education).

  • Course duration
    4 years full time or part time equivalent
  • Study mode
    Face to face with selected subjects available online
  • Online learning
    Selected subjects available online
    Online subjects are taught with a viable cohort of students. If the cohort is not the right size for interactive learning students may be asked to attend on campus.
  • Suitability to teach
    In addition to the College's entry requirements, this course requires all students to complete a Suitability to Teach application.
  • Intakes
    4 March 2019
    FEE-HELP approved (for domestic students)
    Payment plans & direct payment available
    Tuition payment arrangements must be confirmed upon admission to the college.
  • Transfer credit
    An applicant may apply for an assessment of their prior learning at the time of applying for entry to an award course of the college.

Course links and downloads

Important information about the Bachelor of Education (Physical & Health Education) which you can view, download or share.

Course overview

An overview of the Bachelor of Education (Physical & Health Education).

About the course

This Bachelor of Education (Physical and Health Education) is tailored to include all the relevant subjects for students who seek a career in PE teaching as graduates of the degree. Alternatively graduates may choose careers in the sports, health or movement industries at advanced levels.

This course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to:

  • Demonstrate depth of knowledge in the disciplines of Health, Movement and Science
  • Develop, implement and evaluate curricula in secondary school settings, with particular emphasis on Physical and Health Education
  • Demonstrate the skills, values and attitudes of a professional educator
  • Demonstrate effective verbal, written and physical communication skills
  • Practice behaviours that promote active, healthy living, and encourage these in others
  • Work effectively as a member of a team and accept leadership responsibility
  • Apply knowledge and skills to the teaching of Physical and Health Education in contexts other than secondary schools
  • Demonstrate a commitment to educational development as a life-long activity
  • Demonstrate effective problem solving skills including skills in critical and reflective thinking
  • Apply research skills to a range of situation

Course structure

The full time course structure for the Bachelor of Education (Physical & Health Education).

The Bachelor of Education (Physical and Health Education) degree, can be completed in four years of full-time study. The degree program is divided into eight semesters.

Semester 1

  • Understanding Health
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Principles of Movement
  • Sport and the Social Context

Semester 2

  • Health Priorities for Australia
  • Health: A Sociological Perspective
  • Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Physiology
  • Theory and Application of Playing Sport

Semester 3

  • Classroom Skills I
  • Curriculum Planning for Learning and Teaching HPE I
  • Contemporary Youth Health
  • Composition and Performance
  • Professional Experience 1

Semester 4

  • Child and Adolescent Development
  • Intelligence and Cognition
  • Principles of Health Promotion
  • Exercise Prescription Throughout the Lifespan
  • Professional Experience 2

Semester 5

  • Classroom Skills II
  • Curriculum Planning for Learning and Teaching in HPE II
  • Youth Health and Resilience
  • Applied Exercise Physiology
  • Professional Experience 3

Semester 6

  • Social Influences and Student Divesity
  • Research in Action (Education)
  • Sports Medicine
  • Athletics and Aquatics Specialisation

Semester 7

  • Community and Family Studies
  • Principles and Practices in Assessment and Reporting
  • The Inclusive Classroom
  • Health and Activity for Diverse Populations

Semester 8

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education
  • Current Issues: A Teaching Research Project
  • Leadership And Innovation in Education
  • Literacy for Learning and Teaching
  • Professional Experience 4

Course outcomes

Discover where a Bachelor of Education (Physical & Health Education) degree can take you.

If you’ve heard the call and are ready to begin your dream career as a PHE teacher, then we here at ACPE have some good news for you. Regardless of whether you want to work in your old high school or for a sports institution, an industry-recognised qualification from us can be your ticket to success. With over 95 years of producing high quality PHE teachers, why would you study anywhere else?

Career opportunities

  • PHE secondary teacher
  • Sports development officer
  • Project officer
  • Recreation officer
  • Youth worker

Organisations you could work with

  • Private high schools
  • Public high schools
  • Sports / selective high schools
  • Community centres