Bachelor of Health Science (Fitness)

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The Bachelor of Health Science (Fitness) provides students with the foundational health and bioscience subjects with a accompanying fitness major. The degree covers health promotion and awareness as well as foundational science relevant to the human body.

Students are exposed to fitness programming, strength and conditioning, business and exercise for different populations. Practical learning is undertaken in the laboratory, gym and in the field, providing students with exposure to the latest technology and equipment.

This degree also develops professional communication skills essential for engagement with prospective clients.

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Course snapshot

A snapshot of the Bachelor of Health Science (Fitness)

  • Course duration
    3 years full time or part time equivalent
  • Study mode
    Face to face with selected subjects available online
  • Online learning
    Selected subjects available online
    Online subjects are taught with a viable cohort of students. If the cohort is not the right size for interactive learning students may be asked to attend on campus.
  • Intakes
    4 March 2019
    FEE-HELP approved (for domestic students)
    Payment plans & direct payment available
    Tuition payment arrangements must be confirmed upon admission to the college.
  • Transfer credit
    An applicant may apply for an assessment of their prior learning at the time of applying for entry to an award course of the college.

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Important information about the Bachelor of Health Science (Fitness) which you can view, download or share.

Course overview

An overview of the Bachelor of Health Science (Fitness).

About the course

The Bachelor of Health Science (Fitness) course allows you to concentrate your studies in health science with a fitness major to appeal to your interests and career aspirations. You will build a comprehensive understanding of human biomedical science underpinned by fitness industry skills. Plus it will provide the practice of this knowledge in client assessments and in designing, implementing and evaluating exercise programs.

Launch your career in the fitness industry

Graduating with a solid health science base and your knowledge of fitness principles, you will enjoy a range of career options and potential for continued career growth. It's a hands-on degree where you will gain specialist vocational training to prepare you to work with a wide range of people with varying fitness levels, abilities and ages.

Course streams

The Bachelor of Health Science (Fitness) is divided into three major study areas.

  • The Determinants of Health (Core) Stream introduces students to health promotion principles and provides an understanding of the social, psychological and cultural factors influencing general health and wellbeing.
  • The Bioscience (Core) Stream provides a background in the structure and function of the human body and explores the concepts of exercise physiology.
  • The Fitness (Major) Stream provides students with the professional skills of a fitness and personal trainer focusing on the principles of exercise prescription for all populations.

Course structure

The full time course structure for the Bachelor of Health Science (Fitness).

The Bachelor of Health Science (Fitness) Degree can be completed in three years of full-time study. The degree program is divided into six semesters.

Semester 1

  • Understanding Health
  • Chemistry I
  • Application of Maths and Statistics for Health and Sport
  • Fitness Principles and Programming

Semester 2

  • Biology I
  • Musculoskeletal Anatomy & Physiology
  • Biochemistry and Nutrition
  • Introduction to Performance and Exercise Psychology

Semester 3

  • Systems Anatomy & Physiology
  • Applied Exercise Physiology
  • Introduction to Responsible Fitness Management
  • Strength and Conditioning

Semester 4

  • Principles of Health Promotion
  • Exercise Prescription Throughout The Lifespan
  • Biomechanics
  • Small Business Management Principles

Semester 5

  • Professional Integrity
  • Human Pathophysiology and Pharmacology
  • Functional Anatomy
  • Research Design and Epidemiology

Semester 6

  • Psychology
  • Health, Lifestyle Disease and Exercise Prescription
  • Health and Physical Assessments
  • Exercise & Social Development through the Lifespan

Course outcomes

Discover where a Bachelor of Health Science (Fitness) degree can take you.

It is an excellent option for those looking to become a high-level professional fitness leader working in the health and fitness industry. The course is also relevant to practicing or potential personal trainers and fitness professionals seeking to broaden their skills.

Regardless of whether you want to focus on training just one person or a group of athletes, the Bachelor of Health Science (Fitness) will arm you with the skills you need to be a success. Combining scientific techniques with specialised fitness movements, students will get the opportunity to understand the complexities of the human body while learning how to get the best out of their clients.

Career opportunities

  • Rehabilitation consultant
  • High Performance coach
  • Health or Fitness Researcher

Further study options

  • Strength & Conditioning Training
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Sport Science
  • High Performance Sport