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Which path will you take?

Was Physical Health Education your favourite subject in High School? Looking to share your enthusiasm for sport with the next generation of young minds? Want to complete a degree what will set you up as a qualified PHE Teacher? If you’re sitting there nodding your head then a Bachelor in Education (PHE) has your name written all over it. Our recognised degree offers individuals with a passion for Teaching and Sport the perfect opportunity to not only teach but continue to practice what they love.

What could you achieve in a day?

No two days are alike when you’re a teacher, with the same being said for newly graduated PHE Teachers. From teaching Year 8 students how to play football to exploring health topics with your senior students, each day will allow you to build-upon your love of Physical Health & Education. Listed below is just a few of the most common tasks that make up a PHE Teachers typical day:

  • Creating lesson plans around certain health, lifestyle & wellbeing topics
  • Teaching a range of physical skills and coordination techniques to help with individual fitness
  • Preparing & monitoring a vast range of individual & group sporting activities
  • Coordinating a range of school sporting events, carnivals and excursions
  • Organising and presenting a range of specific health topics (e.g. sexual or mental health issues)

By bringing your love of health & fitness together with your passion for teaching, you will be able to help the next generation live happier and more active lives. As long as you've got the passion and drive to help make your community a healthier place, then a career in PHE Teaching is perfect for you.

The stats add up for secondary PHE teachers

Making a decision can be difficult at the best of times, let alone when you’re looking to plan out your future. Although there are many different factors to consider before choosing a certain career path, becoming a qualified Secondary PHE Teacher with ACPE will open up a range of exciting opportunities. The statistics that we’ve listed below highlight just some of the benefits of joining the Education Industry as a PHE Teacher.


Increase in employment for secondary school teachers in the next 5 years


of secondary school teachers have attained a bachelor's degree


of secondary school teachers are employed in NSW, 29.1% in VIC & 17.4% in QLD

Where else could your degree take you?

Although the majority of students who complete a Bachelor of Education (PHE) go on to teach in Secondary Schools, some chose to use their skills to help educate the wider community. Private and government industries alike employ qualified PHE Teachers, with opportunities available across Australia from the city right out into the country. Below is a list of some of the typical job roles that our graduates have held:

  • PHE Secondary School Teacher
  • Sports Development Officer
  • Project Officer
  • Recreation Officer
  • Youth Worker

Want to find out more about being a PHE Teacher? Then just give us a call on the number above and we’ll discuss just how bright your future can be with a Bachelor of Education (PHE) from ACPE under your belt.

Want to study a little more?

Was there a health subject that really got you thinking? Would you like to specialise within a particular area of education? Having just completed a Bachelor of Education (PHE) from ACPE, you’ll now be in the best position to further your studies at a University of your choice. You can even use your degree to research educational issues, with our Personal Career Program helping you to find the best way to get into the career of your dreams.

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