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Do you have what it takes?

Building a career in Community Sports is best suited for passionate, friendly and fun-loving people. From organising events to holding fundraisers, a career in Community Sports can see you using a variety of personal and professional skills. Individuals who are active in their community and find it easy to motivate others will thrive in this people-centered role, with additional study options available for ambitious students. Armed with your Bachelor of Health & Movement from ACPE, you can help keep Community Sports alive and kicking in your home town!

What could you achieve in a day?

Hands-on and people-centered, a career in Community Sports will allow you to not only organise community sporting events, but to participate in them. Perfect for people who love their sports & have a knack for getting others involved, each day working in Community Sports will offer new and exciting opportunities for you to practice your skills. Listed below is just a few of the most common tasks that you could complete in a day:

  • Organising and promoting sporting events
  • Inspecting and maintaining sporting equipment
  • Judging performances and sporting competitions
  • Liaising with Sporting Officials, Coaches & Players
  • Networking with Sports & Community Recreation Managers

A wide range of opportunities are available for motivated individuals who want to find employment in Community Sports. From working in the city to working way out in the country, your Bachelor of Health & Movement from ACPE can take you there. You can also get additional help to map out your future when you take advantage of our Personal Career Program – how cool is that!

The stats add up for community sport managers

Now has never been a better time to join the Community Sports Industry, with job opportunities only increasing in the coming years. Don’t believe us? Then just check out the industry statistics that we’ve collected for your co-workers - Welfare, Recreation & Community Arts Workers.


People will be employed as welfare, recreation & community arts workers by 2018


of welfare, recreation & community arts workers have attained a bachelor's degree


of welfare, recreation & community arts workers will be employed in NSW, 20.8% in VIC & 20.1% in QLD

What could your new job title be?

When you work in Community Sports your job, roles & responsibilities are constantly changing and being refined. Depending on what type of facilities are available to you and the size of the Community you’re working in, you could work within a range of job titles including:

  • Referee, Umpire or Judge
  • Director of Officials
  • NRL, AFL or Rugby
  • Sports Supervisor
  • Community Coaching Assistant
  • Facility / Center Manager

Opportunities are available in Community Centers and Facilities right around Australia, allowing ambitious individuals to take their skills on the road. So if you’re excited by the opportunities that are on offer in Community Sports, then why not complete a Bachelor of Health & Movement at ACPE and begin your dream career in the industry today!

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