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Which path will you take?

If sport makes up a huge chunk of your life and you just can’t imagine yourself not working in the industry, then a Bachelor of Sports Coaching & Administration from ACPE is perfect for you. Incorporating professional and administrative skills with state-of-the-art coaching techniques, this degree will set you up for a successful future in the Sports Coaching industry. Whether you see yourself as a Head Coach or a specialist in a particular form of training, a Bachelor of Sports Coaching & Administration from ACPE will help you get there.

Where else could your degree take you?

Just because you graduate with a degree in Sports Coaching, doesn’t mean that the opportunities stop there. Your degree from ACPE is your ticket to a varied and exciting career in the Sports Industry, regardless if you’re more interested in working with the players or the club. Want to know what type of jobs roles you could have? Then why not click on one of the links below and discover what you could achieve with your Sports Coaching degree from ACPE:

Coaching & Administration opportunities are available in both the private and public sectors, with large sporting organisations such as the NRL & AFL also opening up their doors to recent graduates. Perfect for school leavers, mature age students and career changes alike, why not take your passion for sports to a whole new level and forge your dream career in the Sports Industry.

Want to study a little more?

Do you want to use your coaching skills to create a new business? Did you love the practical aspect of the course and now want to become a PHE Teacher? Want to continue studying Coaching techniques & practices? If you’ve caught the studying bug and now want to further your skills, then why not use your ACPE degree to specialise in an area that you’re truly passionate about. Below is a list of the most popular additional study pathways that our graduates have taken:

  • Education
  • Coaching Research
  • Business

Not sure which further study option is right for you? Then why not organise an appointment with one of our Careers Advisers and get professional help to map out your future. Using our Personal Career Program, our team can help you to set achievable goals that will allow you to reach your full potential – no matter which role you want to work within!


Increase in employment for sports coaches in the next 5 years


People will be employed as training & development professionals by 2018


Increase in employment for specialist managers in the next 5 years

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