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Which path will you take?

Can’t decide between a career in Fitness or Personal Training? Want to have the best of both worlds? Looking for a rewarding career where you get the opportunity to increase the fitness of both everyday individuals and athletes? Then why not enrol in a Bachelor of Applied Fitness at ACPE and use your passion for fitness and health and create the career of your dreams. An Associate Degree in Applied Fitness (2 years full time) and Diploma of Applied Fitness (1 year full time) are also available.

Focusing on the more specialised end of the spectrum, these degrees will enable you to forge your own career as a Professional Fitness Trainer. Whether you want to be a High Performance Manager or a Fitness Specialist, a degree in Applied Fitness from ACPE can give you the kick-start you need to help you reach your dreams.

Where else could your degree take you?

Having a degree in Applied Fitness behind them, our students are able to embark on a range of different career paths. From becoming Specialised Fitness Trainers to offering Strength & Conditioning Training, a degree from ACPE can set you up for a long and rewarding career in the Sports Performance Industry. We’ve even put together a short list of the most common job titles that our graduates have held:

Both private, public and government companies offer a range of job opportunities for ACPE graduates, with ambitious individuals striving within in this fast-paced and constantly evolving industry.

Want to study a little more?

Fitness is clearly an interest of yours, so why not further your studies and receive additional qualifications that will really see you stand out from the crowd. From completing Post-Graduate Research in fitness to specialising in High Performance Training, a Bachelor in Applied Fitness from ACPE will help you to make your career dreams a reality. Listed below are just some of the future study opportunities that are available to ambitious students:

  • Postgraduate study in fitness
  • Fitness Research
  • High Performance Training / Coaching

Even students who are still unsure about the career they’d like to have at the end of their studies can benefit from utilising our Personal Career Program. Focusing on setting up achievable goals and a realistic career pathway, our team will help you to get into the career of your dreams – even if you’re not 100% sure what that career is!


Increase in employment for specialist managers in the next 5 years


People will be employed as training & development professionals by 2018


Increase in employment for specialised fitness trainers in the next 5 years

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